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Kinga is a driven and charismatic individual with a vastly eclectic background in her life and career. Although she initially enjoyed a successful corporate career in the field of international advertising, she felt that something in her life was missing. Therefore, she packed her suitcase and relocated to the Big Apple, NYC, where she started moving her first steps in the world of natural care and kinesiology & coaching.


Today, Kinga is based in London, UK, with an international business, where she specializes in women's wellbeing & performance coaching,  using her health, teaching and business background intensively in her work. Her projects focus on helping ambitious women on a mission to achieve success and seize their full potential while discovering new exciting opportunities stemming from their own values and unique gifts.


Kinga is passionate about educating and empowering women to heal themselves and learn to be in touch with their inner knowingness and their feminine essence while living their soul's purpose with more balance and sensuality.



"Awaken Your Inner Goddess"
online course
  • Feeling tired and frustrated chasing your dreams?

  • Underestimating your self-worth?

  • Keep striving for others' acceptance?

  • Feeling inferior and incapable when being in critical situations either at work or private relations?

  • Having difficulty in connecting with and utilizing your inner strength and femininity?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this online course is for you!

We perfectly combine transformative techniques from kinesiology, life coaching, through clear communication, tantra meditation methods and many more.

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"Awaken Your Inner Goddess" course
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More and more women are called into leadership roles through building their own business, rising in corporations, fighting for ideals and supporting the growth of their families with love as a parent and a partner.

This calls for strength and wisdom to stay resilient and focused in the midst of challenges: when losing faith in ourselves, self-sabotaging, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lack of direction or loneliness, just to name a few.

Who is "Awaken Your Inner Goddess" for?
It is an online course for ambitious and highly motivated women who'd like to become their full radiant self so that they can lead with faith and wisdom in any area of life.

This free trial webinar focuses on  on physical health, healing, diet, fitness, improving sleep, work-life balance, stress management, exploring our life mission, the unique gifts we possess & how to connect with our inner selves.

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Kinga Papp, N.D. (USA), B.A., Dip. Kin, ICPKP Faculty

London, UK & International venues

Tel: +44 7 568 581 341


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