a transformational online course specially designed for women

  • Feeling tired and frustrated chasing your dreams?

  • Underestimating your self-worth?

  • Keep striving for others acceptance? 

  • Feeling inferior and incapable when being in critical situations either at work or private relations? 

  • Having difficulty in connecting with and utilizing your inner strength and femininity?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you

Join the journey to find your inner self, and your feminine superpower

Every woman is born with feminine superpowers, but how many of us truly know ours and how to use them? Do you want to experience what it feels like to find and define who you are? Your needs, desires, motivation and your unique gifts; who else could know these better than you?  We can coach you to become the woman in all her power, gifted with a permanent and inner watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an intuitive, sensual woman, and a creator. 
Become that woman NOW! 

About Us

Kinga is a wellbeing expert exploring how to live in our feminine superpower and sharing our knowledge and passion with other women. I perfectly combine transformative techniques from kinesiology, life coaching, nutrition, aromatherapy, vibrational energy techniques through clear communication methods and many more.

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This is Your Time

This online course will offer a safe, supportive and loving space for you, to look at your life, to reclaim your feminine strength and rejoice with your beauty.

During this course, you can create the first shifts necessary for you to move in alignment with your highest vision. 

With my online support you will make shifts in your own time, on your own way.


Invite a friend to join you on this journey for more fun!

Get the results you want

You will get:

- 8 weeks of transformational work & play

- weekly pre-recorded sessions with lectures, worksheets and exercises

including extensive self-knowledge work (about 5 hours/week)

- 1 hour group call every week with personal support* (if you choose the group coaching package)

- You will be able to access your materials for a year from the day of your purchase.


The work will cover various therapeutic methods - to become aware of patterns blocking connection to the inner self and feminine power, recognizing strategies and opportunities to release blocks and find your way back to your own path; finding your inner self-source to gain the power to future success.

Workout Girls

Option #1 to join us:

with group coaching

This is an exclusive membership based option, where I personally coach you through the program as part of a small group. This route is invitation based only after a 30-min, free Exploration Call with me. I would love to hear from you! Email me your interest to set up your Exploration Call!

Fashion Woman

Option #2 to join us:

without group coaching

If you are a disciplined, strong and enthusiastic person who just needs the right guidance to keep on track and manifest amazing changes in your life on your own, then this route could be perfect for you.

You can access the 8-week intensive course materials without the group coaching option. You will have access to it for a whole year.

This unique workshop is aiming at awakening the inner woman to the connection that has been lost. By using the wisdom of alternative therapies, self-knowledge work and freeing support of art, dance and meditation we are going to face our current status, our fears and challenges and use transformational techniques to redefine them. We will discover our inner goddess, the joy and potential all of us have inside while looking ahead to planning goals and life path. A program that provides both deep inner work and uplifting, recharging leisure for women who wish to own their power and potential.

Get ready for a fun, inspiring and experiential online course that takes you on a journey to your new re-invented self.

Topics we will cover:
- Wake up to Who You Truly Are: Self-knowledge, where I am, how I am, what I am like (roles, aspirations, challenges, objectives, etc.)
- Life path planning: discover your full potential
- Exploring, facing/redefining fears
- Exploring & living our feminine archetype
- Exploring and living our core feminine beauty, the goddess within

You will learn to:
– Be assertive and stand for yourself while being center and loving.
– Open to feel, dropping your defenses and becoming more vulnerable .
– Reconnect with your feminine lineage and embrace old wounds.
– Remove the obstacles that avoid the flow of love to move through your body.
– Explore your emotional world: learn to transform anger into Power, tears into Love.
– Learn to Relax and respect your own rhythms.

Tools we will use:
- Transformational Coaching techniques
- Professional Kinesiology
- Aromatherapy
- Sound healing
- Movement meditation/bodywork
- Arts as therapeutic and expression tool
- Sacred Tantra healing methods: rituals, conscious touch, breath, dance, playfulness, silence

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