You may want to set an uninterrupted, calm 1.5 hours aside to yourself to listen to my webinar and do all the exercises through in one go to initiate your transformation.

Or you may want to break it all up and do one exercise a day. I will lead you through 5 transformational techniques in this webinar, you'll have a bit of fun for 5 days if you choose this route. 

Enjoy your process!

Check out how you could join me and a circle of inspirational women to get the real deal!

Workout Girls

Option #1 to join us:

with group coaching

This is an exclusive membership based option, where I personally coach you through the program as part of a small group. This route is invitation based only after a 30-min, free Exploration Call with me. I would love to hear from you! Email me your interest to set up your Exploration Call!

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Option #2 to join us:

without group coaching

If you are a disciplined, strong and enthusiastic person who just needs the right guidance to keep on track and manifest amazing changes in your life on your own, then this route could be perfect for you.

You can access the 8-week intensive course materials without the group coaching option. You will have access to it for a whole year.

30% Introductory Special Offer until end of July 2020!

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