This 8-week online course focuses on physical health & healing, keeping on track with healthy lifestyle habits including diet and fitness, performance in career, work-life balance, stress management, mental & emotional health.

This online course is suitable both for women and men.

Transform with me... your own pace, from the comfort of your home

I work with many different types of therapies, the main one is Kinesiology, which encompasses aspects of coaching, nutrition, herbs, dietary supplementation, basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology, vibrational remedies and different spiritual approaches such as sound & colour healing, meditation and many more.

About Us

Kinga is a wellbeing expert exploring how to live a healthy balanced life with purpose and passion. I perfectly combine transformative techniques from kinesiology, life coaching, nutrition, aromatherapy, vibrational energy techniques through clear communication methods and many more.

One of Kinga's specialization is women's coaching, however, she has also worked with men throughout her career especially in the field of health & performance. See Testimonies.

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This is Your Time

This online course will offer a safe and supportive space for you, to look at your life, to reclaim your power over your health, wellness and success in career and life in general.

During this course, you can create the first shifts necessary for you to move in alignment with your health and wellness goals. 

With my support during this course you will make shifts in your own time, on your own way.


Invite a friend to join you on this journey for more fun!

Get the results you want

You will start your program on the day of your purchase.


You will get eight weeks of extensive self-transformation work (about 7 hours/week). You will be able to access your materials for a year from the day of your purchase.


The work will cover various therapeutic methods - to become aware of patterns blocking connection to optimal health, energy and to the power within; recognizing strategies and opportunities to release blocks and increase the innate healing power of your body as well as the energy, the focus, the willingness and determination you need to manifest your goals.

 Get ready for a fun, inspiring and experiential online course that takes you on a journey to your new re-invented self.

Topics we will cover:
- Staying on track with healthy lifestyle - diet and exercise

- Boosting the immune system and increasing life energy for healing

- Improving sleep

- DNA is not your destiny - how to turn off gene expressions contributing to ill-health symptoms and how to turn on expressions for vitality and longevity

- Emotional Stress Release

- Exploring, facing/redefining/clearing fears and sabotage patterns

- Wake up to Who You Truly Are: Self-knowledge, where I am, how I am, what I am like (roles, aspirations, challenges, objectives, etc.)
- Life path planning: discover your full potential
- Enrich your life with joy - activities/hobbies/relationships, deeper spiritual connection

Tools we will use:
- Transformational Coaching techniques
- Professional Kinesiology
- Aromatherapy
- Sound healing
- Movement meditation/bodywork
- Arts as therapeutic and expression tool

- Vibrational tools, and many more

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