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I work with many different types of therapies, the main one is Kinesiology, which encompasses aspects of coaching, nutrition, herbs, dietary supplementation, basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology, vibrational remedies and different spiritual approaches such as sound & colour healing, meditation and many more.

What is Kinesiology Coaching?

Do you want to achieve your life goals with more energy, better health, and emotional balance?


To achieve a work-life balance, success  and happiness in life, we need 4 things:

·         Emotional balance – a resilient and happy attitude to life, free from fears and self-sabotaging patterns

·         Physical wellbeing – stress can cause many problems, such as food sensitivities, nervous tensions, headaches, low immunity, frequent colds, low energy, nagging pains and many more.

·         Integrated brain functions - mental focus, sharpness, good memory

·         Spiritual balance – ability to connect with our inner self for guidance

Consider Kinesiology Coaching!

What is Kinesiology? - The body has an awareness of what it needs in any given situation to nourish itself to good health. Kinesiology uses feedback from muscle tests to ‘talk’ to this awareness, by-passing the ‘noisy’ conscious mind so that the underlying causes of symptoms can be understood and gently release.​​

What may Kinesiology Coaching be useful for?

- Career & performance enhancement

- Relationships

- Fears & Self sabotaging tendencies, clearing past trauma, bad habits

- Digestive health such as food sensitivities, indigestion, etc

- Boosting fertility

- Other health aims eg to boost the immune system,

   improve hormonal balance, reduce pain, etc.

- Brain integration: focus, memory, learning

- Many more...

  Please, contact me if you could not find your needs on this list ask me how I may help.

What healing modalities and techniques will Kinga use during my sessions?

- Professional Kinesiology

- Coaching and Mentoring

- Basic Naturopathy

- Nutrition

- Traditional Chinese Medicine basics

- Mind control


- Vibrational Remedies, and many more ​

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