"SheGlows" classes for women

Easily keep up a healthy diet.

Love your body. Feel the confidence -

Enjoy your life!


This is not a one-off course. SheGlows are continuous classes - just like your yoga classes: for your highest benefit you need to attend weekly or as frequently as you can

Dates in January: Saturdays 10am - 11.30am, £10 West Herts College, Business Lounge, Watford


These classes are not like your regular weight-loss or health workshops. These classes are beyond managing your weight. This course aims to help you travel on a journey to get to know yourself better and to transform yourself from your core. Once such transformation is achieved, keeping a consistently healthy diet and lifestyle, gaining more focus, life-energy and confidence are natural consequences.

During these weekly classes, we will explore our relationship with food, exercise and our bodies. We will learn tools, such as Whole Body Testing to connect with our inner selves and identify the reasons for 'emotional eating' and what keeps us away from achieving the level of energy, focus and confidence we want.


We will identify and clear negative emotional connections to food, for example through clearing the '6 stages of nutrition' and while identifying nutritional deficiencies we will also reprogram our bodies to new, positive ones. Throughout the two months, we will be following simple & straightforward dietary guidelines, including 'Hormone Reset Diet' rules while diving deeper in understanding, accepting and loving ourselves to make following a consistently healthy diet an enjoyable and life-enhancing experience.

Every class will be different, every week we are exploring something new to expand ourselves.

I am passionate about educating and empowering women to help themselves, using mindset-energy approaches. To create a circle of supportive sisterhood, I will teach you some simple and powerful coaching techniques to shift yourself as well as be a supportive friend to others in the group.

Some of the tools we are going to use will be from the realm of Professional Kinesiology, Coaching, Nutritional Science, Meditation, Flower essences, Essential oils, EFT + eye desensitization, Traditional Chinese Medicine and a few more.

There are no prerequisites to this course apart from your willingness and desire to explore and transform yourself.

Handouts, tools used during the classes as well as tea and coffee are included in the course fee.

Classes are starting on 18th January, on Saturdays


Place: West Herts College, Watford,  Hempstead Rd, Watford WD17 3E,  Business Lounge

Time: 10am - 11.30am 

Fee: £10 (Handouts, tools used during the classes are included in the class fee.)

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