Kinga is passionate about educating and empowering her clients to heal themselves and learn to be in touch with their inner knowingness and their deeper essence while living their soul's purpose with more balance.

This path is ideal for women and men who would like to understand themselves, their motives and have power over their lives.

How We Transform:

During our first session, we set up the main objectives for your 1-1 Exclusive Transformation journey. Together we will initialize your deep transformation, providing guidance in the form of coaching and professional kinesiology treatments, which can be in-clinic and/or online sessions. We are checking in on the transformational work that we have completed from session to session and you are given home reinforcement tasks to do.  By the end of your program, you should reach a point of clarity, focus, and liveliness, bolstered by an effective strategy to keep the transformational changes you have achieved during the program.

This path is customized for you and for your unique needs. This Path allows as much self-exploration and transition as you need.


This path is recommended for those who want to unleash their inner power, increase their energy, health, and vitality to live life to the fullest.

Areas of work may include:

- Personality analysis, Life Path setting and balancing

- Goal setting, organisation, brain integration, focus and manifestation

- Clearing Fears and Sabotages (including ones stemming from past), clearing past trauma, stress management

- Brain re-patterning, strengthening the connection with your subconscious mind for increased clarity and inner direction

- Strengthening physical health & clearing 'DNA' energy

- Spiritual practices, communion with the Divine/Universe

- Taking Action through learning tools for assertive communication, setting up life-changing routines, learning to check-in and communicate with oneself (one's own body)

- and many more...


How will this all be done?

- Professional Kinesiology - click here to read more about kinesiology

- Coaching and Mentoring

- Basic Naturopathy

- Nutrition

- Traditional Chinese Medicine basics

- Mind control


- Vibrational Remedies, and many more 

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