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Easily keep up a healthy diet. Love your body. Feel the confidence. -

Enjoy your life!

  • Feeling frustrated that you can't keep up a consistently healthy diet?

  • Do you soothe yourself with food under pressure, stress or when sad?

  • Do you have many negative emotional connections to food?

  • Do you think your hormones might be involved in gaining weight?

  • Do you feel unhappy when you think of your body?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this course will be just for you!

I am here to help you in a small circle of supportive women.  We will explore our relationship with food; why do we do 'emotional eating', what keeps us away from achieving the results we want, we will clear negative emotional connections to food and we will reprogram our bodies to new, positive ones. We will also follow simple & straightforward 'Hormone Reset Diet' rules and I will support you through your journey to feel confident about your body and enjoy being the beautiful woman that you are!

"Awaken your inner goddess"
weekend workshop
  • Feeling tired and frustrated chasing your dreams?

  • Underestimating your self-worth?

  • Keep striving for others' acceptance?

  • Feeling inferior and incapable when being in critical situations either at work or private relations?

  • Having difficulty in connecting with and utilizing your inner strength and femininity?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

I work with my dear colleague, Agnes on this project. We perfectly combine transformative techniques from kinesiology, life coaching, tale therapy, game analysis through clear communication methods and many more.

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